Siemens Meter Main and Meter Load Center Combinations provide a full range of Metering Products that are built for safety ease of installation and long term quality. A Meter Main is a device that provides a meter socket and a main breaker, a meter combination load center provides a socket, main breaker and load center interior. SKU #: MC0816B1200RTH List Price:. MC2442B1200EFV Siemens 200 Amp Meter Main Combo. Flush MOUNT. Siemens SOLAR Ready single phase residential side by side ring type Meter load center combination 42 circuits, UG and EUSERC compliant and Title 24 Solar Ready.approved. Over-head or underground feed configured. Use RX hub at top or HC hub for bottom.. "/>. Meter Main and Meter Load Center Combinations Siemens provides a full range of Meter Combination Load Centers and Meter Mains that are built for safety ease of installation, and long term quality. ... Model # MC2040B1200SStore SKU # 1000008989. Siemens. 200 Amp 20-Space 40-Circuit Overhead Surface Meter Combo Load Center (7) Questions.

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